Saturday, 3 February 2018

History Project: Decade of Centenaries

Kilrickle National School History Project

The senior classes are doing a local history project on the events of 1912-1922 in the area.

This is part of the 'Decade of Centenaries' history competition.

The decade 2012-2022 is categorised as the 'Decade of Centenaries' as it marks the centenary of a number of important historical events and developments that occurred in the period 1912-1922.

For more information on Decade of Centenaries please click on: Decade of Centenaries

We are also delighted to have Heritage in School Expert, Martin Curley helping the school with this project.

We are looking at the reasons that people became involved in the Volunteers, Sinn Fein and the IRA at this time. We are particularly interested in local family stories which we will record and may exhibit as part of the project.

We would be grateful if you could help our students by answering some of the following questions:

Q: What memories or stories were passed on in your family about this time or earlier? e.g. stories about land division, evictions, migration or emigration

Q: Can you recall any local people who were involved in the 1916 Rising or in the 1919-21 War of Independence? Do you have any stories about that time?

Q: What kind of farming was carried out in the area at this time? What type of houses did people live in? What memories have been passed down about how people lived in the area?

Q: What did people do for entertainment and fun? Are there any stories of hurling or other sports from that time? Were there any ‘visiting houses’ in the area? 

Q: Are there any stories from earlier times e.g. Anthony Daly or the Great Hunger? What was said about those times in the area?

We would be grateful if you could write down some of your memories and send them to Kilrickle National School. 

Alternatively, arrangements can be made for school students near you to collect this information for their project. 

If you have any pictures that would help with the project please contact the school and we will arrange for a copy to be made.

Areas of interest include:
  •  ·         Anthony Daly & The Whiteboys 
  • ·         Land and ownership in Kilrickle 1640-1922
  • ·         Poverty & Hardship : 1822 Famine, An Gorta Mor, Evictions
  • ·         The Land League and United Irish League in Kilrickle 
  • ·         Formation of the Kilrickle Volunteers and activity in 1916
  • ·       1919-21 Kilrickle IRA activities
  • ·         Patrick Hogan; The first Minister for Agriculture in the  Free State Government

These are some of the online resources that we will be using.
You may find them of interest.

1821 Census: 

1912-21 Eyewitness statements: