Friday, 21 December 2018

The children have had a busy time in Aistear this month. We learned all about the Post Office and Christmas. We read Christmas story books, said Christmas rhymes, sang Christmas songs, and of course, listened to the story of the First Christmas. The children made some cool lollipop stick decorations and snow globes. They also made stables for the First Christmas and decorated some Christmas Trees with baubles.
All of the children had a go in Santa's sleigh! They learned about what busy time of year it is for the Post Office and had great fun playing in the our very own Post Office. They got to post some cards and letters, pretend to be the post offic clerk and the postperson, and weighed parcels. Even the teachers got some post! We made some yummy Santa Claus treats which were gobbled up in no time!
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Safe New Year,
From All in Aistear
Making some Rudolphs

Santa Claus treats

Christmas decorations

Holly's sparkling Christmas Tree

Ready for the tree!

Let's hear those sleigh bells ringing.....

Our very own reindeer in front!

Postman Luke delivering letters

Aaron telling us that the Post Office is closed


Having fun painting lollipop sticks for the decorations

More concentration!!

Enjoying some Christmas colouring

Postman Mark delivering parcels

Christmas Trees and Stables for the First Christmas

Excited for snowglobes!

Caua filling his jar with water for his snowglobe

Forming an orderly queue in our very own Post Office

Dealing with customers

Ella stamping her card in the Post Office

Glitter time!

Amelia thickening the water in her snowglobe

Christmas Snowglobes

Some post for teacher!

A lovely letter to teacher
Our Christmas storybooks

Monday, 3 December 2018

Aistear- The Bakery

The children in Junior and Senior Infants have been learning all about The Bakery in Aistear this November. First of all there were lots of stories, rhymes and songs to learn and listen to, to help prepare us for the month ahead.The children learned the songs, 'Do You know the Muffin Man?, Hot Cross Buns, the rhyme Five Little Cupcakes and listened to the stories of The Gingerbread Man and The Little Red Hen.
The children designed and built bakerys (both inside and out), ovens and chimneys in Small World and Construction. They made the yummiest cakes, cupcakes, tarts and muffins in Sand Play. There were some very scary zombie cakes made in Playdough too! They enjoyed pretending to be bakers, customers, and shopkeepers in Role Play in our very own bakery 'Pudding Lane Bakery'. They were even taking online and phone in orders for wedding and birthday cakes!
But the best bit was when the children got to bake for real! They baked chocolate chip cookies and rice crispie buns. We had enough to share with everyone in the whole school, so the big kids were thrilled too! In Mrs. Brennan's classroom, they baked gingerbread men. What a busy, but great time we have had in Aistear this month!