Tuesday, 24 March 2020

We're Working From Home!

Below is a collection of lovely images of our pupils working from home. Please email your teacher or your class teacher or kilricklens@gmail.com to send more pictures to boost morale during this difficult time.

There may not be live sports in Ireland this summer but the boys and girls in Kilrickle are using their creativity to bring sports back to life. Well done to all who took part in the Pass the Ball Challenge.
Click on the image below to see how we got on! 

Finn has been busy experimenting at home! 

Laura has been busy on the farm and here are two lovely videos from the farm. 

Here are some Farm Safety posters drawn by Junior and Senior Infants

Ella working on her Tricky Words

Budding scientist!

And green fingers!

Seán achieved his Yellow Belt in Taekwondo- Go Seán!

Making maths fun- hopscotch!

Ella and Sean's new pet looks a bit wild!!!

Holly is flying through her workbooks!!

Darragh and Emma are doing great work with their whiteboards!


And getting lots of cycling in too!

Here is some lovely art work from Keava! Well done! It's great to see all the cuckoo drawings. 

Thomas and Holly are enjoying their school work from home!


James and Aaron have some wonderful dessert treats here! 

The children in Mr. Gibbons' Class are on the look out for the Cuckoo. James has drawn a lovely one! 

Some lovely pictures of Science and Nature in action here! 

Mr. Gibbons is a bit late to the Challenge! 

Mathew and family are busy at work in the bog, on the farm and at home! 

Laura has kindly shared a video with u of the baby chicks on her farm! Well done Laura! 

Adam made these fabulous chocolate buns. They look so tasty!

Some serious sponge baked here by Erin and Hannah. Two girls that definitely know their way around a kitchen. Superb!!!

Orla had great fun making this chocolate chip cake with buttercream icing and chocolate decorations also known as the sparkly chocolate sandwich!

Shannon and Finn are busy in the kitchen creating some delightful desserts! Well done to you both! 

The Larkin boys are cooking up a storm for Grandad’s birthday! Let’s hope that they helped with the cleaning up :)

Millie, Isla and Siena are showing their wide variety of culinary skills! Pizza, orio shortbread and chocolate flapjacks! Maith sibh a chailíní! 

Sam and Luke have been busy baking tasty gingerbread men and it looks like they got a little help!

Luke is carrying on in the family tradition and has gone for a lovely Strawberry Pavlova.

Keava has been busy in the kitchen baking a chocolate flat bread cake! It looks fantastic!

James and Anna are smiles in the blue skies!

A new recruit to Kilrikcle N.S. is getting ready for Junior Infants next year! Anna and James have taught him well! 

 Well done to Anna and James who have been partaking in online Taekwondo sessions. James entered an online Taekwondo competition (called Kick Covid Taekwondo. This was a worldwide competition and to enter you had to send videos of you executing your required patterns. James came first place in his category! Iontach ar fad! 

James and Aaaron look like they have made some delicious cookies! I'm sure they didn't last long! Great work boys! 

This Liverpool Chef cooked a feast for the family last Bank Holiday! Well done Sean! Cian and Ava made pankackes and cookies also! 

John and Hannah lashing on the jam and cream!

Mmmmm... sprinkles...

Proud mini-chefs!

'Superchef' Oliver!

Darragh deep in concentration!
Wow- look at those cookies!

Emma carefully filling the buncases...

Mouthwatering cupcakes!

Seán and Ella were creating some wonderful chocolate brownies. Tasty!!!

No shell in this batch!!!

Head Chef & Sous - Chef!!!

Waste not, want not!!! 

Voilà, brilliant!!!

Leah baking up a storm in the kitchen this week.

Beautiful Banana Bread 🤩


Lee crafted some sumptuous homemade sausage rolls

Looking good!

Laura made some delicious Banana and Chocolate Muffins


Kate and Emily made some yummy scones...

Delicious with jam and clotted cream

We made Guinness bread... It didn't last long enough to get a proper picture!

Here are more busy botanists! Mark and Dara are on the lookout for wild flowers and horse chestnut trees! Well done boys! 

Senan is giving Gordon Ramsey a run for his money with this amazing strawberry pavlova! 

A Note from Mrs Hardiman! Here are our oat biscuits! We are going to give them to Aoife's granny and Grandad when we drop off the weekly shopping. 

Jack has been busy making buns too and setting an wonderful eggsample to his sister below! 

Holly is giving us all a scare! Despite this I'm sure she has made five wonderful homemade breads! Maith thú Holly! 

A lovely message of hope sent in from Ethan, Owen and family. We thank all our frontline workers who are making such great sacrifices at this time. 

Holly and Thomas have been very busy over the last while. Mr. Gibbons' class have been on the lookout for wild, summer flowers and many of us are getting our hands sticky in the Great Kilrickle Bake Off! Thomas and Holly even had time for a day on the bog after all this! Well done to you both! 

Carla and Amelia made some yummy fudge this week!

Looks great girls!

Dara has been hard at work in the kitchen!

Concentrating hard...

Wow! Looks delicious!

The Larkin boys doing some fabulous Art

Outdoor Maths Fun!

Men at work!

Riding with no stabilisers- Well done boys!!!

Learning about plants

Sight words fun!

Here are some lovely pictures of Seán in 1st class. He is busy on the lookout for Cherryblossom Trees. Well done Seán!

John and Hannah setting the rhubarb in the vegetable garden!

John found a cherry blossom tree in his garden too!

Matthew Hard at Work at Home

Some great Photography on Show Here

Keava is busy making fairy houses, farming and she even has the spare time to make a tapestry!  Phenomenal work!

Lots of work being done in John and Hannah's house!

 Lovely Easter cards!
A spot of gardening...

Awesome lego creations!

 and fabulous writing!

Some fantastic cooking and baking going on in homes all around Kilrickle. Jonathan cooking up a storm for the whole family. Brilliant 👍

Out of my Kitchen. Master Chef working here :D

Smells good 👌

We're putting our best foot forward in these videos. Great idea to stay active. Well done you two 👌

Eddie the Teddy had lots of fun on his Teddy Bears Picnic this week!

Some fabulous photos of Adelaide and Emily Jean out and about in the glorious sunshine. Two ladies not afriad to their hands stuck in. Fair play girls 👌👍

🐴 Giddy Up 🐴

It's a Bake Off!!! Rachel Allen has nothing on these two 🎂

Time for a smile 😃

Smells Good ... Hmmmm Yummy!!

Plants are thirsty in the fine weather. 

GIY (Grow It Yourself) Brilliant 
(Hopefully the School Garden Skills came in handy here 😉)  

.... and even time for a bit of school work 👏

Mr. Gibbons' room are on the look out for two signs of summer: Cherry Blossom Trees and Swallows. If you have pictures of either of these please feel free to forward them on the school email address or your class teacher's email address.

Easter Joy

I'm sure Finn got some 'cracking' goals with this Easter Egg suprise!

More great pictures of these Men at Work whilst aslo saving the planet!

Here are some wondeful pictures from Matthew and his brother. He is busy on site!

Some more lovely pictures from Ethan! He has made a lovely tent with Owen. Well done boys!

Thank you to Dessie O'Brien's shop for running a very successful Easter card competition. Dessie has kindly given prizes to all participants. Well done to all involved.

Here is a lovely video showing Holly's lovely art work!  Thank you for the lovley Easter message too!

Cauã flying high with his kite! 

A lovely show of appreciation for our Health Care Professionals by Laura. Sentiments shared by everyone in Kilrickle NS. Well done Laura👌
A big thank you to Mammy and Daddy too 😉

Darragh and Emma have been busy bees- baking, building lego, making leprechauns and practising their hurling skills!

Lovely photos from Keava

Look at Oliver practising his Tricky Words and helping out in the garden!

Ethan in 1st class captured a a lady bug on a nature trail. 

Some wonderful art work be Keava in 3rd Class.

John and Hannah have been busy planting seeds in their garden!

Millie, Siena and Isla Busy with lovely St. Patrick's Day Art

Finn busy with St. Patrick's Day Art!

Some wonderful girls hard at work on the farm!