Thursday, 30 May 2019

Aquarium Visit

We were so lucky to have been chosen by the Marine Institute to take part in their Explorers Education Programme. Padraic Creedon, outreach officer with the Institute, visited our school at the end of April and delivered our very own fish tank to take care of for the month of May. He talked to the children about marine life, gave a very interesting quiz, and then set up the fish tank. He talked to the children about caring for the fish and the duties the children would have to undertake each day. 
Throughout the month of May the students took their duties very seriously and cared for the fish exceptionally well, completing a checklist of work each day. When Padraic returned after 4 weeks, the children recalled their tasks they carried out. Padraic then had a surprise..... it was time to dissect some squid!!
Take a look at the photos!πŸ‘€

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Local History: Visit to Kilrickle Graveyard

Last week, the senior class visited Kilrickle graveyard with history expert; Martin Curley. Martin has been helping the class for the past number of weeks with our investigation into our family trees. Many of the graves in Kilrickle's graveyard belong to the families that currently attend our school. By examining the information etched onto the headstones of graves much information can be obtained about our family history and our deceased relatives. This information will then help us complete our family trees and in some instances unearth many fascinating stories about family's past.

One very famous grave in Kilrickle's graveyard is that of Anthony Daly; a Ribbonman or Whiteboy during the 1800's. Riboonmen and Whiteboys were organisations that objected to landlords' treatment of farmers and tennants at that time. After some ‘outrage’ against a local landowner, Anthony Daly, a journeyman carpenter from Kilrickle, was arrested because of his membership of  the Whiteboys. Even though it was widely acclaimed that he was innocent, he was hanged as an example to all. On the way from the court in Galway to Seefin near Craughwell, for the hanging he travelled on a cart and sat on his own coffin. The people called out to him, in Irish, to jump down and that they would hide him and even some of the soldiers who were Irish shouted out that they would only fire into the air, if he ran but he declined in case of reprisal against the people. Anthony Raftery; a famous Irish poet who witnessed this event, composed a poem in praise of Daly - Antoine Γ“’DΓ‘laigh.   He called him a  ‘good tree that wouldn’t let any branch of it fall to the ground’, meaning that he did not renege on his companions. 

School Fitness Ireland

Paul from School Fitness Ireland visited our school over five week to conduct 5 totally different fitness sessions with all the children in our school. 

The five sessions consisted of: 

Session 1: 
Circuits session (cardiovascular, co-ordination and gross motor skills).
Session 2: 
Dance aerobics (cardiovascular, co-ordination and gross motor skills).
Session 3: 
Flexibility and balance. (flexibility and balance development, mindfulness).
Session 4: 
Strength training (strengthening developing muscles).
Session 5: 
Anaerobic bootcamp and obstacle course (cardiovascular and co-ordination).

The children really enjoyed his sessions and found out a lot about their own levels of fitness on the way!!! 

Here are a selection of photos from some of the sessions he conducted: 

Sowing Seeds with Danny

School Caretaker and friend to our school; Danny Killalea visited our school recently to help the 3rd and 4th class sow flower seeds. 
Seeds that were sown included; Lupins and Cosmos. 
Danny also showed us what a propagator was and how it is used.

Propagator Tray

Dividing the seeds evenly

Sieving compost 

Seed Mix

Spacing seeds out evenly

Monday, 13 May 2019

The Zoo

The children in infants have been learning all about The Zoo for Aistear. They enjoyed listening to animal stories and singing 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' and 'We're Going to the Zoo'. They learned so much, that they were able to open up their very own 'Kilrickle Zoo'! In their zoo, the children took on many roles to make sure the zoo was a success, becoming zookeepers, front desk workers, people working in the restaurant, the vet, and the customers. The animals were looked after exceptionally well, with great care and attention. Have a look!

                                      The children writing their own letters to the zoo for a pet!

We listened to the story 'The Zoo Vet', who ended up getting sick himself after a busy week looking after animals in the zoo!

←← Sammy Snake gets a bandage on his tummy!

Checking the polar bear's breathing in the Veterinary Clinic→→


Animal Spotting in Kilrickle Zoo

Happy customers ready to explore Kilrickle Zoo

Keep your eyes peeled!

All in a day's work at the front desk!

Such amazing playdough animal creations!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

First step in making masks

End result of animal masks!😊😎

Anmial safari game in the yard

Watch Out!!!!!!!

                                                Having a bite to eat in the Zoo Restaurant