Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Utterly Butterly!

Junior Infants- 2nd class have been learning all about milk and what products can be made from it. We had great fun making our own butter using jam jars and cream. We found out how butter was made 'long ago' using a churn.

The butter passed the taste test!

Green Schools

Junior Infants to 6th Class have all been working hard to encourage wildlife to come and visit us here in Kilrickle. The Junior classes made bird feeders using gelatin and bird seed. 3rd to 6th class used lard and bird seed to make some yummy treats for the birds.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Brace Yourself ... It's the Dentist!!!

Our school's dentist; Fergal came to review the teeth of our second and sixth class pupils recently. Afterwards he spoke to all the pupils in the school about brushing properly and eating healthily for the good of our teeth. He also busted some myths about mouthwashes and gave tips on what to look out for when choosing a tooth paste. Thanks Fergal. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

IZAK9 Maths Visits Kilrickle NS

Pat Hanrahan visited the senior classes recently to demonstrate IZAK9 to the pupils. 

Children worked together in small groups using real mathematical cubes to not only to solve the number, algebra, data and shape / space problems, but also developed ideas and created tasks and questions of their own

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Winter Aistear

The theme for Aistear was 'Winter' for the past 4 weeks. The children were so thrilled when the snow and ice even timed their appearance so perfectly to add to this month's learning!
We began by tuning in our 5 senses with a nature trail around the school grounds, finding snowdrops and daffodil shoots, calling to the Bug Hotel, listening to the sounds of nature, spotting a nest in the tree, and even getting caught up in a hail shower!
The children learned all about the Arctic and Antartica, and the animals that live in these places. Using the concept of blubber, we carried out an experiment to see what it felt like to be an animal with blubber. Tying a pillow around the child's middle, they had to pick up an object off the ground. We also carried out a 'hot and cold' experiment and how winter animals react to both. Using hot and cold water, the children dropped pieces of paper into the boxes and noticed that the cold water was slow to absorb water and 'sleep' like winter. The hot water absorbed the water faster and 'wakes up' like it's spring.
After watching a slideshow on the lives of Inuit people, the children listened to the story 'Mama, Do You Love Me?' and made Inuit children tucked up in their winter clothes. They made some cosy winter hats too. The children also listened to the stories 'I Love You Sleepyhead', 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?' and 'Big Bear. Little Bear', and listened to the audio story of 'Tom Crean's Rabbit'. They played Winter Bingo and they also performed the 'Winter Hokey Pokey' and listened to some winter themed songs.
The children put a lot of work and effort into making their group acrostic poem about winter, as well as all of their activities in their winter booklets. 
And of course, playing and having fun in our 'in house' igloo for the month, topped it all off perfectly!

Winter 5 senses nature trail around the school

Checking in on our creepy crawly neighbours!                           Spotting a nest high in the tree!

     Keeping warm with some cosy hats                                      Mindful winter colouring           

                 Inuit Art

Slideshow about the lives of Inuit people

Winter Wonderland

Creative yard time!                                     Our very own igloo!

Labelling the penguins

Lots of giggles carrying out our blubber experiment!

Warming up with some hot chocolate and marshmallows

Having a friendly card game of Winter Top Trumps

Winter numeracy activity

Hot and cold experiment

                    Washing time!

Having fun in our igloo!

Painting with ice cubes

Sugar cube igloo                                           Check out our winter noticeboard!


Friday, 1 February 2019

Winter Wonderland

Biodiversity Slogan Competition

The Green School's Committee organised a slogan competition recently in the school. The theme of the slogan was around Biodiversity. All the pupils in the school did a really good job in coming up with some brilliant slogans. Much time was spent creating a slogan but also designing artwork that would explain their slogan. 

Well done to Caua, Darragh, Emily Jean and Finn 
with their winning entries.