Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Gordon Darcy Visit - Heritage in Schools

Gordon Darcy visited the school today. Gordon is a naturalist and an artist.

He visited the junior room in the morning where he spoke about hedgehogs and helped children to draw their own hedgehog.

In the afternoon he took the senior room out for a walk in the village and children noted the flora and fauna in our own environment.

Gordon has a wealth of information.

In the evening we drew what we saw which included , birds, various leaves and even a badger.

Thanks Gordon for coming to our school .

Friday, 18 November 2016

Parent - Teacher Meetings

A reminder to parents that parent - teacher meetings have been scheduled for next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please check the note that went home with your child early this week with your relevant day and time. Thank you.

Cycling Training

Cycling Trying took place last Friday for children from first to sixth class. We began with practicing safe cycling techniques and skills on he tennis court followed by learning and revising the rules of the road for cyclists in the classroom. Afterwards, third to sixth class got the opportunity to cycle on the road. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great but cyclists were rewarded with hot chocolate afterwards to warm back up. Thanks to Sean and Eddie who were our instructors for the day and to Ms. Hardiman for organising the day.

New School Signage

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

The deadline for returning shoe boxes to the school for this year's Christmas Shoe Box Appeal is this Monday, November 12th. Thanks to our Parent's Association for helping organise this great initiative. For more information please click on link.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Our Clay Pets

For art we made clay pets ... cats, dogs, .... a lion!!!! It took more than one art lesson to complete the project. Patience is a virtue!!!

Our Trip to Coole Park

Last Thursday, thanks to Ms. Hardiman we visited Coole Park outside Gort as part of our Green school's programme for this year concerning Biodiversity. To find out more about Coole Park please click on the following link: http://www.coolepark.ie/visitor-centre.

A Beech tree's bark is soft and smooth so it's easy to identify.

Fungus and insects are nature's recyclers. They break down dead material
which can then be used to feed living plants and animals.

Mushrooms are a type of fungus. 

Off on our nature hunt. 

One of our nature hunt groups with their findings.

Oak leaves, like the ones found on our oak tree inside our schools's front gate.

The park ranger even let us peek at the badger's sett (a badger's home). We had to be really quite.
Badgers are nocturnal creatures so they we all asleep. There are eleven setts in total in this one area. 

Here's a badger's sett up close.

How many people did it take to get around the bough of this tree?

Halloween 2016

Here are a selection of pics from our Halloween fun last Friday!!!

Junior & Senior Infants

First & Second Class

Third & Fourth Class

Fifth & Sixth Class

Oisín & Asparuh 

Great Costume Lee!!!

Loads of work put in here. Well done Dylan & Courtney

Nicole sporting our new school uniform!!!

Halloween games with Ms. Hardiman

Bobbing for that elusive apple!!!

Fortune Telling


Opening of Our New School Extension

Please find a selection of photographs taken of the occasion of the Official Opening and Blessing of our new school extension. Thanks to everyone involved in making the celebration so special and to all our community, both past and present, that has supported our school. Míle Buíochas.