Monday, 14 January 2019

Kilrickle's Bug Hotel: Beecause You're Worth It!!!

Kilrickle National School would like to announce the launch of it's recently upgraded Bug Hotel. This newly refurbished five star establishment is now open for bookings to all bugs and invertebrate both big and small .... well maybe not too big😮!!! 

A huge thank you to Eugene Kennedy, one of our school parents for constructing this wonderful hotel. It really does put Kilrickle on the bug tourism map!!! 

The refurbishment follows on from some great research carried out by Ms. Hardiman and an environmental biodiversity review of the school conducted by our Green School's Committee under the watchful eye of Ms. Brennan. 

Biodiversity is the huge variety & variation of life that surrounds us, from the tiniest bugs to the biggest whales in the sea.

This bug hotel is part of our green school's biodiversity action plan. Our plan aims to increase the variety of  plants and animals both growing and living in our school's habitat. 

Watch this space for more developments on our green schools project.