Wednesday, 13 March 2019

👀 Should Have Gone To ..... Kilrickle Opticians 😉

Welcome to Kilrickle Opticians! We are delighted to announce that our first month of business has been a very successful one! We haven't had a minute, with all the customers coming in for their eye tests. If you are looking for a friendly, thorough and enjoyable service to get your eyes tested, please do not hesitiate to contact the school, and we're sure we can squeeze you in!😊

Just have a look at all of our fun activities we have been doing whilst learning about our eyes and the opticians. The children watched how an eye test is carried out on a video clip, read the story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' and 'We Are All Different'  and played 'I Spy'. 

Close inspection using mirrors!

Cool Dudes!😎

Our busy builders were kept going with small world and junk art- just look at how creative they can be!

 E book, 'We Are All Different'

A welcome message from our very own'Kilrickle Opticians'

Self Portrait time!

Busy with eye tests and appointments in 'Kilrickle Opticians'

Making their very own eye chart

Great customer service- helping to choose some new glasses!

All ready for another customer

Service with a smile!

Filling in customer details for their eye test

Eye test time!

Choosing the right glasses!

Not forgetting to pay for them too!


 The children completed some colour sorting activities

Using telescopes to complete our classroom colour hunt

Eye colour sorting activity

Using our eyes (and patience!) to find Wally in 'Where's Wally?'