Tuesday, 24 September 2019

September Aistear: The Three Little Pigs

Junior and Senior Infants have been busy bees this September! Our new infants are settling in well to 'Big School' and have been having great fun exploring our Aistear theme- 'The Three Little Pigs'. Every day the children learn through play at a new station, developing their oral language and social skills.

Our budding artists have been making 'The Three Little Pigs' houses using sticks, bricks and straw.

In our socio dramatic station they have been acting out the story. There's been a lot of huffing and puffing but the tent is still standing!

In our 'Messy Play' area we have been making the three little pigs and their houses using play dough

In 'Small World' we have been building the Three Little Pigs houses. 

Luckily we have a few handymen around to fix anything the wolf blows down!

No wolf will be able to get past this fence!

We have been practising our turn taking skills at our Maths station, playing Bingo and matching games.