Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Gardening with Kay

Our Heritage in School Gardening Expert; Kay Synott came back to visit our school in early October to see how our garden had developed over the summer holidays and to guide us in preparing it for the winter. 

She was amazed at how successful our Summer Garden Maintenance Rota was and complimented everyone involved. The remaining vegetables in the garden were harvested and distributed amongst the children in the school. There were still some carrots, leeks, spring onions and beetroot available. 

The beds and path ways were then weeded. The beds were then covered over by the school recycling some old carpet we had in storage. This will act as a weed barrier and prevent weeds taking over the garden during the winter months. It will also save us from some nasty weeding when we go planting again. 

Finally, Kay help us to plant perennial flowers in the outside bed that surrounds the garden. Perennials flower every year and are low maintenance. They will also attract bees and other useful invertebrate to our garden. This will add to the biodiversity of the school. 

All pupils got a chance to harvest, weed and plant. This is great experience to bring back to our own gardens at home!!!

Many thanks to Kay for her help and we will definitely have her back later on in the year all going well. Our garden is something to be very proud of. Well done to all!!!!!