Thursday, 10 October 2019

Autumn Aistear

Our Infant classes have been learning all about Autumn these past weeks. We were very lucky to have Kay Synnott give us a hand harvesting our vegetables from our school garden. We also planted some flowers that will bloom in the Spring and Summertime.

In Aistear the children have been busy selling our vegetables in their 'Farm Shop'. There is great demand for apple tarts and butter made in store too!!!

In small world we have been making sheds to house the cattle as the weather is getting colder.

We have been playing Autumn 'I spy' and looking for signs of Autumn in our games area.

 We read the story 'Don't hog the hedge', learned the song 'Holly the Hedgehog' and made our own little creatures from clay.
Image result for don't hog the hedge