Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Aistear: Weather

During January our Aistear theme was The Weather. Junior and Senior Infants have been having great fun learning about different types of weather and learning all about the important work of a Meteorologist.
We read the book 'Whatever the Weather' and talked about the different types of weather we get at different times of the year. We decided what clothes would be suitable for each kind of weather also.

At our Aistear Stations the children took on the roles of meteorologists- looking at satellite images and using different instruments to predict the weather. We learned lots of new vocabulary too!
 Watch out Gerard Fleming!

At our Science Station we made windmills and learned how important wind is for creating energy and for sailing boats!

Our little artists learned what the term 'waterproof' means by making crayon resist pictures using the blow painting technique

In our construction area our builders set to work on building their own Weather station. They got very creative making radars and all sorts of equipment to predict and measure the weather. They were also sure to build a 'break room' as it's tiring work being a Meteorologist!