Friday, 28 February 2020

The Gruffalo and Biodiversity!

We have been working hard towards achieving our Green Flag for Biodiversity so this month we have been looking at Woodland habitats and learning about Food webs. We read the book The Gruffalo and talked about all the woodland creatures that the mouse meets in the deep, dark woods! We made our own food web based on the characters.

We played online games to learn more about food webs and food chains and different woodland creatures.

At our Aistear stations we reinacted the story of the Gruffalo and made our own 'Deep, Dark, Wood'.

We made Gruffalo Jigsaws and played The Gruffalo Board Game. We made sure that everyone took turns and followed the rules.

We made Gruffalo masks at our Art Station and then designed our own Scary Creatures!

We put the story pictures in order and labelled all the parts of the Gruffalo.

We even made all the different woodland creatures using play dough.