Thursday, 30 May 2019

Aquarium Visit

We were so lucky to have been chosen by the Marine Institute to take part in their Explorers Education Programme. Padraic Creedon, outreach officer with the Institute, visited our school at the end of April and delivered our very own fish tank to take care of for the month of May. He talked to the children about marine life, gave a very interesting quiz, and then set up the fish tank. He talked to the children about caring for the fish and the duties the children would have to undertake each day. 
Throughout the month of May the students took their duties very seriously and cared for the fish exceptionally well, completing a checklist of work each day. When Padraic returned after 4 weeks, the children recalled their tasks they carried out. Padraic then had a surprise..... it was time to dissect some squid!!
Take a look at the photos!👀