Thursday, 23 May 2019

School Fitness Ireland

Paul from School Fitness Ireland visited our school over five week to conduct 5 totally different fitness sessions with all the children in our school. 

The five sessions consisted of: 

Session 1: 
Circuits session (cardiovascular, co-ordination and gross motor skills).
Session 2: 
Dance aerobics (cardiovascular, co-ordination and gross motor skills).
Session 3: 
Flexibility and balance. (flexibility and balance development, mindfulness).
Session 4: 
Strength training (strengthening developing muscles).
Session 5: 
Anaerobic bootcamp and obstacle course (cardiovascular and co-ordination).

The children really enjoyed his sessions and found out a lot about their own levels of fitness on the way!!! 

Here are a selection of photos from some of the sessions he conducted: