Monday, 13 May 2019

The Zoo

The children in infants have been learning all about The Zoo for Aistear. They enjoyed listening to animal stories and singing 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' and 'We're Going to the Zoo'. They learned so much, that they were able to open up their very own 'Kilrickle Zoo'! In their zoo, the children took on many roles to make sure the zoo was a success, becoming zookeepers, front desk workers, people working in the restaurant, the vet, and the customers. The animals were looked after exceptionally well, with great care and attention. Have a look!

                                      The children writing their own letters to the zoo for a pet!

We listened to the story 'The Zoo Vet', who ended up getting sick himself after a busy week looking after animals in the zoo!

←← Sammy Snake gets a bandage on his tummy!

Checking the polar bear's breathing in the Veterinary Clinic→→


Animal Spotting in Kilrickle Zoo

Happy customers ready to explore Kilrickle Zoo

Keep your eyes peeled!

All in a day's work at the front desk!

Such amazing playdough animal creations!👌👍

First step in making masks

End result of animal masks!😊😎

Anmial safari game in the yard

Watch Out!!!!!!!

                                                Having a bite to eat in the Zoo Restaurant